dental blogIf you can choose just one social media platform to use on your website marketing campaign, then it would have to be blogging. Google has always been fascinated by blogs and has always given blogs preferential treatment. For instance, blogs, and websites which are built using a blog-like platform, have an easier time ranking in the search engine results pages. And if you want to boost traffic to your dental website, you can make use of a blog in order to do just that. Here are the ways that you can move forward to bring more people to your site:

1. Use your dental blog to funnel traffic to your dental site.

When you have already established readership, then you can post a link on your dental blog which leads to your dental website. Doing so will transfer your readers to your dental website. At the same time, the online authority of your blog can actually lend itself to the credibility of your dental website. Google has always factored in inbound links to website as a way to rank sites in the SERPs. However, they have refined this criterion so that online inbound links from sites with high authority can be considered.

2. Use your dental blog to inform patients.

In this information fueled world, information is a currency which you will have to use strategically in order for it to work for your advantage. Whenever you post articles on your dental blog explaining dental procedures or warning patients and prospects about certain dental disorders, then you are effectively informing them and at the same time sending a message to them that you are an authority in your field. Would you trust your precious teeth to a person whose credibility and expertise you question? The answer would probably be no. So to keep your prospects from saying the same answer to you, you need to show them that you know just what you are doing through helpful articles.

3. Use your blog to answer queries.

Patient queries and concerns are things which you do not want to shrug your shoulders about. Remember that a concern left unanswered can cost you not just one patient, but maybe dozens more since these things spread around really fast. Luckily, you can respond to any patient concern easily through your blog. Blogs are made in a way so that it’s a breeze for you to post any kind of content. In fact, you’ll probably only need to make a few clicks for you to post something new.

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