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Let’s get something straight. Responsive web design doesn’t promise anything, but it aims to provide site viewers with a most enjoyable website experience. The name itself says it all. Responsive web design responds to the needs of today’s consumers. Websites that have adapted this format automatically adjust to the type of screen being used by the web searcher. From small, handy smartphones to large PC screens, the images and content of a site that follows the responsive format, loads and adjusts quickly, to facilitate an enhanced viewing experience. Responsive web design expert, Bill Mitchell, talks about the importance of responsive web design in today’s market, and identifies the different ways for you to maximize a site with this type of format.

Why is it Better for Websites to Incorporate Responsive Web Design?

Mr. Mitchell identifies several reasons why responsive web design is the current industry trend.

  • It widens your reach. Since your website is designed to suit all types of gadgets, you essentially cover a wider market than with a site using traditional web formats. With the development and availability of high tech smartphones, web surfers are gearing towards cell phones when surfing the internet. Studies have confirmed that more searches are currently done using mobile devices than desktop or laptop computers.
  • It is favored by Google. Google is the “law” when it comes to online marketing. When Google speaks, everyone listens. Since Google highly favors responsive web design, it would be wise to make the same choice. Sites with responsive formats can be easily indexed and managed by Google.
  • It is SEO friendly. You don’t need to maintain several websites if you choose responsive web design. There’s no need to make a separate site for mobile phones and another one for laptops. Responsive web design allows you to create and manage only one website. You, therefore create just one, effective, unified SEO campaign with one set of links.
  • You gain a competitive advantage. Studies have shown that site visitors will leave a site that doesn’t load within 10 seconds. Since responsive web design adapts to whatever type of gadget being used, it loads very fast. The viewing pleasure of your visitors is enhanced; thus, giving you a competitive advantage online.

How Can you Maximize a Site with the Responsive Web Format?

While responsive web design does deliver, the design and content of your site are still up to you. Here are some tips to give your site visitors many reasons to stay on your website, view what you have to offer, and eventually take action.

  • Provide amazing pictures and videos. Viewers just love to look at beautiful photos. Pictures attract attention while videos can make your site exciting.
  • Write intelligent content. Site visitors come to you for a reason. They may be looking for answers or information about the topics at hand. Thought-provoking, creative writing can capture the interest of your visitors; thus, encouraging them to subscribe to a newsletter or even buy your products.

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