Dentist Identity specializes in creating, optimizing, and maintaining websites for dentists around the country. We provide website design, hosting, and SEO services that helps put your website on top of search engine results and converts website visitors into clients.

Why Should I Optimize My Website?

More and more Americans use the Internet to search for products and services they need. As a dentist, it is important that you properly optimize your website for the search engines and take advantage of online technology. Having an effective website enables you to:

Reach your target audience
Search Engine Optimization on dentist websites increases online visibility, making it easier for your target audience to visit your website and acquire your services. Our services are specifically designed to fit your clients’ demographic and location.
Get traffic that converts
Being on the front page of search engines brings you more traffic that turns potential clients into actual patients, keeping you ahead of other dentists websites on the Web.

What Dentist Identity Can Do For Your Website

Expert SEO services are constantly in demand in the dental industry. We focus our SEO services on a single dental practice for each zip code, creating websites for dentists that target specific geographical locations. You can contact us to learn more about this exclusivity.
Sustained maintenance of dentist websites
Dentist Identity makes sure that your website is taken care of month after month. At your request, we will provide new relevant videos, fresh content and links to ensure that your site is properly optimized.
Up-To-Date optimization services
We keep up with the ongoing changes in the web industry and apply those changes to the dentists websites we create. Keeping up with search engine algorithms helps us maintain your website’s ranking and keep a healthy traffic for your website.

Keep your website competitive with our website services. Contact us today at 1-800-303-6029 for inquiries or consultations!

Process to Create Search Optimized Dentist Websites

The process to create a website which is going to get the best possible results in the search engines begins with an understanding of the goals and priorities of any dental practice. Once these are known the next, and one of the most important, steps is keyword research.

Keyword research is done to find the words and phrases most likely to be typed into search engines by people who are looking for dental related services. Whether a potential client might be looking for whitening, bridges, implants, or pain relief, the dentist who comes up in the highest position on the search engine results pages (SERPS) is the office most likely to be contacted.

Of course the SERPS has to also have a title and description which will appeal to the potential new patient in a way that motivates them to click the link. Once the person does click the link, they need to be taken to an appropriate page which will inspire them to make an appointment or request more information.

The process of keyword research for search engine optimized dental websites is part art and part science. There are different research tools that will provide counts of how many people search for any particular key phrase and tools that will discover how competitive each key phrase will be compared to other dental websites. In selecting the best keywords and phrases it is also valuable that the researcher has knowledge and understanding of the dental practice business and how people tend to search. This insight is the result of experience in practicing search engine optimization services for dental practices.

After the groundwork of correct and best keyword selection is completed and finalized, these critical and powerful terms will be integrated into the structure of the website. Each keyword will be “mapped” to individual pages whose structure and content will be designed to provide the dental practice the greatest possible leverage in developing new business through targeted search results.

The page structure and the content of any website are important to get the best results in search engine results placement. The site must be easy for the search engines to see what is there and understand it. This may seem fundamental and obvious to all web site designers, but it is just not done because the web designer may have too little understanding of SEO.

Search engines send software, called spiders and robots, across the internet to discover and record content on websites. If the structure, programs code, or other factors make it too difficult for the spider to find the information and content, they will just turn around and leave the site not completely indexed and recorded.

Web page content is also part of the search engine optimization process required to build a successful dental website. The content needs to be aligned to the selected keywords yet be appealing to the site user reading the page. It is also known that certain layouts and different amounts of content will have varying degrees of influence on the search engines.

Only after all this can the other half of search engine optimization for dental websites even begin. The search engine spiders links to discover sites. The search engines tend to view the quality and quality of the links pointing at a website to be a vote in its favor. This has a direct influence on where and how well a website shows up in the SERPS.

This is why the final stage of search engine optimization for dental websites, link building, is one of the most important. Link building brings the best results when done steadily over time and by an experienced and responsible company like Dentist Identity and we know better than to take some of the shortcuts cheap SEO companies take.

Some types of link building can cause Google and other search engines to penalize a site by dropping them back in the search engine results pages to a lower placement or sometimes completely take all information about the website out of the search engine. This has even happened to some big companies like JC Penny who was involved in a large link buying campaign which Google considers gaming the search engines.

Even if Google does not penalize a site who gets involved in some of the automated link building practices which low price discount SEO companies engage in, they will often just ignore those links which means the money spent leads to no benefit. This is just one reason it is important to select an experienced and quality company like Dentist Identity.

Have your dental website search optimized the right way. Contact us today at 1-800-303-6029 for inquiries or consultations!

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