A mobile website is a sure bet!

In honor of the Townie Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, Dentist Identity is offering Townies a MOBILE WEBSITE for only $99* (Regularly $499).  You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else!

It’s all about Speed, Size and Design

Have you tried pulling up your website from your smartphone or iPad? Did you have to scroll to the right and back to be able to see all the information on the screen? How long did it take to load?

Just because the PC version of your website loads on a mobile device does not mean the browsing experience is just as pleasant. Mobile web browsers automatically redirects patients to your mobile website.

A mobile website is an “abbreviated” version of your traditional website based on the same content. It is built to fit the screen of a smartphone or iPad with easy to navigate icons. Patients can just click on your phone number from the website and their smartphone will start dialing the number!

Let us design a mobile website with information from your existing website so patients can quickly and efficiently research your practice, call your office, make an appointment, get step by step directions that automatically syncs up with their GPS system, review your services, watch videos, see coupons, and much more!

Click here to read more about our Mobile Websites or just go to our website… Dentistidentity.com from your mobile device to see an example.

What? Still don’t have tickets to the event? It’s not too late. Click here www.towniemeeting.com

* Hosting fees of $9.95 month.

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