What good does it do to have a dental site that is easy for patients to read if no one ever sees it?

Good content really means speaking to the needs and desires of your patients in a way that inspires confidence and gets them to contact you. This is why it is essential for you to select a company like ours that has years of successful experience getting phones to ring and getting people to make appointments with dentists!

There are two different ways to build a website. One is to be read and easily interpreted and the other is to be read and indexed with search engines. The fact that websites must appeal to humans as well as search engine “spiders” has always been the search engine optimizer’s dilemma. Of course, the problem is that search
engines bestow high rankings on simple pages with lots of text while humans respond to complex web pages with special effects, lots of graphics and a bunch of design items that search engines can’t always easily index. Unfortunately, what’s best for one often conflicts with what works best for the other.

One of the keys to the overall success of a dental site, or any other site for that matter, is finding the right balance between great content and effective search engine optimization, which is exactly what we provide.

Relevance is a major issue. It can pertain to the information that visitors of dental sites can find about the services offered, the rates for such services, the dentist’s background, the address of the office and clinic, and other important details. The objective is to have a dental site that is both user-friendly and informative.

At the same time, relevance can also pertain to how dental sites fit into the conditions used by search engines. This second relationship is crucial in that it helps in getting the website indexed and effectively ranked.

Good, optimized content can mean a world of difference in where you are ranking for online searches.

Dentist Identity’s expert writers in the field of SEO have had significant experience specializing in dental websites. Their knowledge will prove invaluable when it comes to helping improve the foundation of your website so it is recognized by search engines. This, combined with many other recommended additions to your website, shows proven results for top rankings in Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

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