Why Choose Dentist Identity?

We specialize in DENTAL marketing so we know what will work for you!  Besides our results speaking for us, we won’t hold anything back!!  We are open and honest about all the work we do for our clients. We get thousands of calls from dentists just like you, so we realize how confusing it can be when looking for a company you can trust to build your practice with Search Engine Optimization.  With so many companies promising the best results, we understand you feel the need to do your research which, let’s face it, can cause paralysis of analysis.

We really want to make it easy for you to make an informed and educated decision so let’s do some comparisons.

First, you need to make sure you are comparing apples to apples and asking the right questions.

  • Are you building your online identity for ‘organic’ searches or just using pay per click advertisement?
  • Are you paying to be in an online directory?
  • Do you own the domain name you are optimizing?
  • What is their process of Search Engine Optimization (on page optimization, off page optimization, both)?
  • Are they buying links (which can get you in trouble with Google) or naturally moving your website to the top results?
  • Are they actually moving YOUR site to the top, or a LANDING page they developed for your site?
  • How much work are they doing for the money you spend?
  • Will you be able to see all the work being done as well as the movement of your site?
  • Are you in a long-term contract?

These are all very important questions when looking for an honest SEO company.  After all, they hold the key to your marketing success.  We’ve done the research for you and asked all the important questions.  Here is how Dentist Identity compares to other SEO companies.

Let’s break it down!

Question: Are you building your online identity for ‘organic’ searches or just using pay per click advertisement?

Fact: Take this scenario into consideration.  Let’s say the search engines are indexing you on page 20 so you are getting little to no traffic to your website from online searches.  So what do you do?  Do you use pay-per-click advertising or Search Engine Optimization?  Companies offering pay per click advertisement may tell you it’s all the same.  Being on the first page is what’s important.  That’s not exactly true.  While this sounds like a smart concept, putting money in an account that is billed each time someone clicks on your site can become quite costly, especially since it is based on a bidding process.  Once the money runs out, your site no longer shows up and you’re back to page 20 again.  Research shows that most online searchers go straight to the organic results so it makes more sense to be among those top results.  If you’re going to put money into online marketing, build some equity in your website and move it from the back pages where no one is seeing you, to the top results of online searches where people are looking.  By doing this, you’re not only driving traffic to your website, you’re also building value to your practice for the future. When you decide to sell your practice, you can also sell your domain name with the top positions for online searches in your area which indeed, will be extremely valuable to anyone purchasing your practice.

Question:  Are you paying to be in an online directory?

Fact: Many companies will tell you it’s best to be in top results of their directory and they will market for you.  This is more like a bidding war.  Whoever pays more will be on top and the bidding goes up and up.  However, statistics show most people searching for a dentist will not go into a directory.  They want to go straight to a dental office from their search.  Dentist Identity has had great results in getting dental offices listed above directories for online searches.  So send them straight to YOUR site.  Also, let’s say a patient is looking for veneers.  Chances are, a directory won’t even show up.  Send them straight to your Veneers page with proper Search Engine Optimization!

Question:  Do you own the domain name you are optimizing?

Fact: Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving rankings for a ‘domain name’. You can change out your website and still keep or improve your rankings, but if you change out your domain name you could be starting all over. So… if you are paying for a company to ‘optimize’ your website, at least make sure you own the domain name. You’d be surprised how often a dentist pays to build value to a domain name they don’t realize someone else owns. Some companies will also buy a domain name, optimize it for top results and basically ‘rent’ it out to you with a personalized site.  It is not your domain name so they can ‘rent’ it to anyone simply by changing out the website content.  Dentist Identity can help you purchase a beneficial domain name to optimize that you will own, or optimize the existing website at your current domain name.

Question: What is their process of Search Engine Optimization?

Fact: For this one, you may want to read about onsite optimization and off site optimization. You can call 10 different companies and get 10 different answers. Some companies won’t tell you much, only that they guarantee they can get you listed number one. Ok… number one for what? Optimization is based on targeted keywords (or search terms). It can be easy to get you listed number one for a search term few or no people are searching for. But what good does it do to be number one if no one is searching?  Some companies will tell you your ‘optimization’ is included in the design of the site when all they really mean is that search engines can read and index the content. Oh… you’ll be indexed by search engines, but where, page 10, 20 or 30? Some companies will charge you a one time fee and only add certain optimization features to your website which will help the search engines recognize your site better (but not necessarily move you to top results). Some companies will not even structure your site for targeted keywords and just throw links to it to build ‘back-links’. Dentist Identity will build a strong foundation for your website with on site optimization that will last forever! We will also develop a strong link-building system surrounding your site through a natural process that will not get you in trouble with the search engines.

Question: Are they ‘buying’ links (which can get you in trouble with Google) or naturally moving your website to the top results?

Fact: This is something you need to be very aware of.  Google spends hundreds of thousands of dollars preventing ‘bad’ SEO.  Some companies will buy links for your website, which is a big no-no and can get you in trouble with Google to the point of not ranking.  Some companies will ‘automate’ linking, which is not bad but not as good as when linking is done manually.  The best form of link-building is through a natural process, making the search engines see a growing interest in your site through off site optimization.  Articles written targeting specific keywords and links that are manually submitted to other websites are often approved much more frequently and quicker than those automated.  We pride ourselves in writing clean, clear articles targeting specific keywords and manually submitting them to other article websites.  But our link building system does not stop there.  We submit your information to hundreds of directories, social bookmarking as well as integrative link placement.

Question:  Are they actually moving YOUR site to the top, or a LANDING page they developed for your site?

Fact: There are companies that actually build a landing page that links to your site, but this does not actually optimize your site for top rankings.  You want YOUR site to move up in ranking results, not their LANDING page.  Dentist Identity will build your online identity by improving your ranking results through on site optimization and off site optimization.

Question: How much work are they doing for the money you spend?

Fact: We’ve had dentists call and tell us they have been ‘optimizing’ their site for a couple of years but not getting results so they would like us to do an analysis on their site only to find out they have two back-links to their site.  While SEO does take time, if you have been optimizing your site for over a year, you should be getting some pretty decent results.  Dentist Identity can show you improved ranking in 2 to 3 months and traffic to your website in 3 to 6 months.

Question:  Will you be able to see all the work being done as well as the movement of your site?

Fact: Some companies expect you to just ‘trust’ they are working for you.  How do you know what is being done to your website?  Are you getting monthly reports to show where you are ranking?  Does the company allow you to see the work they are doing?  Dentist Identity has an account administration area you can log into anytime 24/7 to see the amount of visits to your site as well as what people are typing in to find your site.  You also have a link to view your ranking report and work report to see all the work that has been done for on site optimization as well as the monthly off site optimization work we are doing to improve your rankings.  You can see the directory submissions, read the articles, click on the article submissions, social bookmarking and integrative link placement.  We show you everything because we have nothing to hide.

Question:  Are you in a long-term contract?

Fact: Some companies make you commit to a long-term contract upfront before you see any results.  Dentist Identity allows you to be in charge of your account.  You can cancel anytime.  We will advise you on the most beneficial campaign for you to compete in your market, but ultimately you decide among many options.   We believe once you start to see the results, you will want to maintain your account.  However, we do offer 6 month and 1 year contracts for a reduced rate if you like.

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