Whether they are calling it Google Maps, Google Places, or Google+, we will keep you on top of the search results. We have stayed on top of the recent changes Google has made with their local maps and business listings sections. Our Local Listing Program is a marketing strategy that will help enhance your local identity and get found on Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Major recent changes in Google Places for business have evolved it into Google+ and that can be a big advantage to you. Not only is the content, which can be added to your listing, now being fully indexed into the Google search engine, there are additional changes that make it easier to connect and communicate with your patients. Dentistry is a very personal service related business and effective communication can only add to your bottom line.

We will hand submit your information to specific directories, which are picked up more quickly than automated submissions. You will also be submitted into a core list of directories which are connected to thousands of other directories ranging from Mobile, GPS, Niche, and also the largest directories on the internet that you may be accepted into as well.

If you have a Facebook page, you know how important it is to keep it updated. Map accounts are even more important to update regularly. We will continue to update your map accounts monthly to ensure the search engines see activity which will help improve your rankings.

Our Local Listing Program will ensure that your website will enjoy higher online visibility and ranking because of local optimization. We also ensure that our local dental marketing strategy is appropriate for your practice and will answer the needs of your target audience. With regular updates and adjustment on your website, more clients will be able to find you quickly and easily.

Each month we will:

  • Create a picture slideshow, music video and submission for Youtube and Google Places
  • Update offers and coupon promotions with keyword optimization
  • Post on Place Page about your events, specials and more
  • Google Places bookmarking (50)

We provide free consultations to our clients to guarantee quality service. To ensure customer satisfaction, our representatives are always available to answer whatever questions you might have about local dental marketing. You can trust us to bring you results.

Give us a call to learn more about this very beneficial program. 1-800-303-6029

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