Impressive Custom Built website designs

Our website designs are custom built. You can include Patient Educational Videos as well as other features found only on the most high-quality websites. You need a graphically appealing website incorporated with dentist SEO that not only reflects your professional image, but enhances it as well. The website that we design for you will give your visitors the confidence they need in order to choose you as their dentist. Show off your practice with a one-of-a-kind website with dental SEO content tailor-made for your practice.

Domain Name

One of the most important parts of having your own website is custom-selecting your domain name. Your domain name is how your patients will remember you, so it should be carefully thought out. We not only host your site on your domain for you, but we will register it for you in your name, you own it, and keep it online with our secure tier-one level hosting. You never have to worry about the hassle of renewing your domain registration; we take care of everything for you.

Spam Protected Email Services

Want every person in your office to have their own email address at your domain name? No problem, you can even add and delete the accounts yourself without any hassles. Our standard plan comes with ten custom email addresses, such as [email protected] We also offer a web-based email application that can be accessed from anywhere that you are able to connect to the Internet. Our Webmail filters spam so you don’t have to and has built-in virus protection as well. There are no ads, like the free accounts have, and you can then start building a professional identity with your patients.

Google Map

Give your patients step-by-step directions straight to your door.

Licensed Photos

Use our photo gallery to choose from a variety of licensed dental pictures for your site and /or submit your own.

Easy to Update

You don’t need to know any programming to edit your site. It’s as easy as point and click. Or if you prefer, we make the updates for you, we’re only a phone call or email away.

Appointment Request Form/Contact Form

Give patients the convenience of online appointment requests or asking a question 24/7.

Review and Referral forms

Let others know what a great job you do. Collect complimentary testimonials from your patients to add to your website. Also, give your patients a way to refer you to friends or family members.

File Downloads

Allow your patients to download any useful dental articles or forms they might need before their appointment.

Optimized for Search Engines

We develop your website with Search Engine Optimization in mind, specifically dentist SEO and dental SEO. We use META information, keywords, your name, your company’s name, your location, and other relevant information to help search engines see your site, archive it, and get you the most patients possible.

Meet the Dentist and Staff Galleries

Personalize your website by introducing yourself and your staff with pictures and bios. Let your patients or potential patients know a little bit about your staff and their credentials.

Educational Videos

Give your patients access to a variety of educational videos of procedures or advice on dental care, to watch online in the convenience of their own home. (additional service)

YouTube Videos

People love to watch videos. Add any kind of video you think your patients need to see on your website. Either we can produce one for you (additional service), or you can make one yourself, upload it to YouTube and add it to your site.

Display Before and After Photos

Show pictures of before/after procedures. This allows the patients to see talented you are and the level of service you can provide.

Multi-Media Features – audio, video, etc

Have a commercial produced for TV? Why not show it on your website? We’ll put any music or video on your site for no additional fee.

Links to Other Related Websites

Provide links to other websites, services, educational resources, associations you are affiliated with, schools you attended, etc.


Create another level of communication between you and your patients through the Skype Internet telephone service.

Audio Player Support

Add music or even helpful audio recordings with informative dental news.

Full Virtual Office

Calendars, Folders, Note Pad, Bookmarks, etc. Everything to keep you and your staff organized.

Password Protected Secure Pages

Create pages that can only be accessed by your staff or patients.

Secure Tier-one level Hosting

Multiple OC-12 connectivity with redundant fiber-optic connections to the Internet backbone. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), smoke and fire protection, climate control, access security by badges and camera protected, with daily backups.

Web Stats

Want to see who’s visiting your website, when, and how they’re getting there? Not a problem! We provide you with hourly-updated website statistics that are easy to access, read, and interpret. We store this information for an entire year and provide monthly as well as daily breakdowns. Our web stats are color-coded and help you determine where your visitors are geographically located, what other websites are linking to your business, and the search terms getting your site the most hits.


Provide your patients with a way of making payments through your website through the world-known, secure, Paypal system.

Search Engine Optimization

This is the science of optimizing a website that increases traffic from search engines for top organic ranking results. This process takes a great deal of time to accomplish. With constant changing in algorithms, monthly maintenance is mandatory. To achieve this, extensive work needs to be done regularly which includes:

  • Analyzing the customer’s site for local search.
  • Posting links to internet directories.
  • Setting up accounts on social bookmarking sites.
  • Posting content to other sites that offer one way links.
  • Posting comments on blogs with high page rank.
  • Creating relevant content and posting on other blog networks.
  • Having articles written and posted to article directories so links are “syndicated” across the web.
  • Post content to get site listed on Google map.
  • Making sure it is properly registered with the local portals at the search engines. (additional service)

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