A well-built dental website is an essential part of any dental marketing plan in this modern age of the Internet. A dental website needs to be built from a plan that takes in mind the target audience and the goals of the dentist. The building is a collaborative effort between the website builder and the dentist. The dentist’s website will be representing him and will be an important way for him to get new patients.

Dental Website Planning

Planning a dental website begins by determining the goals for the site and by having a discussion with the dentist and his staff. In this meeting, there will be an assessment of what is most important for this dental practice to achieve. Attention will be given to what the local demographics for this dental office to the style and presentation will be appropriate to the patients.

Photos and videos will be talked about and it will be decided which are available and which will be the most useful. If new videos or photographs are needed, then the plan will be made for the best way to get those produced.

A domain for the dental website may need to be bought and the written content that will be used must be decided on. These may include descriptions of procedures, company policies, contact information, testimonials, and even personal background information about the staff and dentist. Once it is decided what will be written on the site, then assigning who does what is done.

Usually a draft layout of the site is made so the dentist and his staff can review the design ideas of the dental website and give comments and feedback for the developer. A skilled designer will make a site which is attractive and at the same time is informative and easy to navigate. This is called usability.

People interacting online are often in a hurry to find out what they came to a site to discover and it has been found that even an unattractive site which is easy to navigate will be most popular than a super nice looking site where what people want to find out is difficult to locate.

Dental Website Promotion

A dentist may get some visitors and traffic just by being known in the area but if he wants to grow his practice and get new patients with his dental website, then he must develop and implement a plan to promote his dental practice. Online and offline, there are several well-known and effective methods to achieve effective promotion.


The great advantage of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your site will be seen by people when they are searching for what it is you offer. Another advantage is you don’t have to pay extra for each time someone clicks on the link and comes to your dental website.

In order to create an SEO campaign that gets results, keyword research is a critical beginning. This is best done while the website is being planned because the structure of the site and the placement of the most important keyword phrases has a direct effect on how well a site does in the search engines.

Adding a blog to your site is very helpful- not only for SEO but for communication to existing and prospective patients. A well thought out content marketing plan is a critical part of dental SEO because the content can be placed so it helps in building links back to the website.

Also called backlinks, links to your site from other places online is one of the way Google and other search engines evaluate and determine where to place your dental website in the search engine results pages (SERPS). The quantity and quality of your backlinks are both important and will have a direct reflection on if you are at the top of the page or not when your keyword phrases are searched for by patients.

Google Places

Since most dental offices get their patients from the area near where they are located, it is important for the dentist to claim his Google Place page and to get it properly optimized. Reviews are an important part of what brings business, so it is a good idea to ask patients to please leave a review. This is especially effective to do while they are thanking you for having just relieved their pain or helped them look better. Give them the link to exactly where they can write the review.

Part of promoting the website that represents your dental practice is to also put your company information in many other directories. This not only provides additional opportunities, but also gives your Google Places listing a boost in placement in the SERPS.

Social Media

Today so many people are involved online with some type of dental social networking. Most people would agree any company needs to have facebook, Twitter and Linkedin as a bare minimum. A lot of people will want to see a dentist is up to date and will think of a dental office that is well represented in social media as being more modern and current.

Offsite Promotion

All the people you and your staff interact with can be told and shown your website or the links to your dental website. Have your website address (called URL) printed on every business card, billing notice, information sheet you give to patients and any other materials you might be able to print on. You could even have it printed in Frisbees, pens, or coffee cups to give to your patients.

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