Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a systematic approach in improving the visibility and accessibility of your website on search engines via unpaid or “organic” search results. By achieving a higher ranking, your website ultimately receives more visits with a potential of making them into actual patients.

What is the difference between Regular SEO and Dental SEO?

At Dentist Identity, we specialize in SEO for dental websites, making sure that content and optimization strategies are tailor-made for promoting your dental practice. SEO marketing that Dental Identity provides gives you an edge among your completion. We offer:

  • In-depth knowledge of the dental industry, including the different treatments dentists offer.
  • Continuous research about the new developments in both the Dental and SEO industries.
  • Cross-platform and multimedia approaches, such as videos to promote your practice and interact with existing patients.

Dental Search Engine Optimization ensures customers can find you on the internet and helps you develop rapport and brand loyalty.

Why is SEO important for a local business?

Without search engine optimization, it is very difficult for potential clients to find your website. Most people searching the internet for dental services won’t look past the first few pages, so it is very important to have your dental practice listed on the highest ranking possible.

SEO for dental websites will bring targeted clients looking for specific services you have to offer. Our Dental Search Engine Optimization process covers all aspects of internet marketing–from keyword research, optimization of dentistry-specific content to further development of an offsite presence.

All these things, combined with our expert knowledge in the dental industry, will bring your website high rankings that will convert site visitors into loyal clients.

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