Combine Search Engine Optimization with a Mobile Website and you have a WINNING combination!

In August 2010, 80.8 million mobile subscribers used a browser.

Here are some statistics on how many Smartphones were sold in 2010:

  • Q1 2010: 55 million
  • Q2 2010: 64 million
  • Q3 2010: 81 million
  • Total: 200 million smartphones

Add to that, the staggering amount of people that have purchased iPads. smartphones and iPhones are quickly replacing the computer as the main source for online searches. Searching online has gotten easier and more convenient with smartphones and iPads. Who knew a few years ago, you would be able to pick up your phone, talk into it and Google immediately finds what you need? According to Neilson, half of all Americans will have a smartphone by the end of 2011. This means more and more patients will be searching for dental services from their smartphone. As a dentist, you will have a competitive advantage if you make it as easy as possible for new and existing patients to find your easy to navigate website made specifically for smartphones and iPads, which load 6 times faster than a traditional website built for computers.

Dentists are learning more and more how vitally important it is to have a website, but how does that website look and navigate from a smartphone or iPad? Many traditional dental websites that are built to view from a computer are so large that they take too long to open and are difficult to scroll left and right to find information. Dentist Identity has found a solution for dentists. We can design a mobile website with information from your existing website so patients can quickly and efficiently research your practice, call your office, make an appointment, get step by step directions that automatically syncs up with their GPS system, review your services, watch videos, or allow patients to read your website in different languages.

Let’s look at a traditional dental website built for a computer and a dental mobile website built specifically for a smartphone or iPad.

Click images

A mobile website is an abbreviated version of your traditional dental website based on the same content. Mobile websites are built to fit the screen of a smartphone or iPad with easy to navigate icons. It will still show your branding logo (if you have one) as well as simplify information for patients to read. We all love having things simplified for us like using ‘bullets’ instead of long drawn out explanations. It’s like having Cliffs Notes for your dental website.

Google recognizes when a search is made from a phone or iPad. Even though your main domain name is showing, it will automatically convert it to your mobile website.

Click here to see how patients will view your dental website from an iPhone:

Now, go to and type in and see just how incredibly easy it is to navigate through the website.

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