Our Story

How it Works

Our story starts with founder Bill Mitchell, who was working in Australia and looking for ways to communicate from Sydney to the USA. He discovered the Gopher browser and knew then that the way people communicated was changing. He spoke with his friend and mentor Denis Waitley while on a trip and remembers Denis stating, “If you are not online, soon you will be in the breadline.” Bill moved back to the USA and founded THEWEBSITECO around 1999 and began developing websites in Columbia, SC, where he attended the University of South Carolina as a Business major. It wasn’t long before the company occupied two floors on Main Street and had high profile clients like Coach Lou Holtz and USCSports.com. The dot.com boom came and went with much being learned and created. A cutting-edge platform was developed in-house with over a million lines of code, allowing the company to develop and host websites at half market price. Over a thousand clients provided feedback and the company entered the dental field in 2008. It signed a contract with the SCDA to be the endorsed website provider for its members. The Tennessee Dental Association followed and hundreds of dental websites were built and hosted; again for about half of national going rates.

Now with over 13 years of website and search engine marketing development and dental clients in over 47 states, Canada, Australia, and England, Dentist Identity has relocated its headquarters to beautiful Charleston, SC. Through all the changing technology, we consistently place our clients in an enviable position on the internet. Today we are the leaders in Responsive Website Design and Online Identity Management in the dental industry and again, you guessed it, at about half the price of bigger companies. Don’t believe us? We encourage you to compare our services starting with the Responsive Website. Our sites scale to any device including smartphones (iPhones, Droids, etc.), tablets, laptops, and desktops. Google recommends this design and we are among the first to adopt and promote it.


Dentist Identity adheres to the 3 Ps of marketing:

People – We hire and maintain the best people.
Process – We constantly research and track trends and adjust to deliver the best long-term results for our dentists.
Partnerships – We are in this for the long term and want our clients to trust us like they formerly trusted the yellow books.

We would love to work with you and develop a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. We pledge honesty and are committed to helping your practice achieve and maintain a dominant and friendly Online Dentist Identity.

Please call 1-800-303-6029 today or fill out the online form and let’s see how we can work together.
You and your patients will be glad you did!