I Love FeedBurnerOver the past few months tech sites like TechCrunch have held a death watch for Feedburner. As time passes tech requests go slow reply mode, Google did not update Feedburner when it recently updated a lot. The Feedburner blog is shut down now. The API is closed.

Google bought Feedburner in 2007 for $100 Million. Now they seem to see RSS is being used less and less as people use social networks for news and announcements for new posts. Feedburner was not part of the latest round of shutdowns announced by Google. “We have no news to announce at this time,” said a Google spokesperson to TechCrunch today. Yet they have also let the Japanese domain expire and some of the remaining users say the reporting is stats is almost none.

Feedburner was created as an enhancement and management tool for RSS feeds. it provided many statistics on the use and placements of the individual bloggers feeds and even added the ability for people to subscribe to an RSS feed via email. It also provided a clear and simple interface to the people choosing to subscribe and offered the opportunity to monetize your feed through AdSense.

At this moment there is no definitive statement FeedBurner is in fact shutting down. It may exist and remain in some smaller condition for who knows how long. Dan Benjamin, who runs one of the most prominent podcast networks said “Feedburner is pretty much toast and we’re migrating away from it this morning. Should be seamless. I’m sorry if you see duplicate episodes.”
So it looks like if you use FeedBurner it is high time to make a move before you are swimming with the wharf rats as the ship finally goes under.

Fortunately none of these changes will have any affect on any of our client’s websites. You are all in good hands and we are on the alert for any changes that might affect your website.


Image credit to Frank Gruber Creative Commons flickr.com

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