Search Engine Optimization for Dentists

Search Engine Optimization for Dentists

What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a popular buzzword in today’s marketing world. Unfortunately, it’s likely among the most mysterious terms you’ll encounter. We all know SEO is vital to a successful dental marketing strategy–in fact, you may already be doing SEO of some kind, but do you really and truly understand what SEO entails?

What is Real SEO?

  • Optimizing your website
  • Writing high quality content for your patients
  • Producing videos
  • Optimizing a Google+ Local page
  • Having a strong social media presence
  • Protecting your online identity with real world patient reviews
  • All of the above and much more…
Search Engine Optimization for Dentists

What does it take to succeed?

The digital marketing world is moving at a rapid pace, but two facts remain constant:

  • Competition will grow along with the number of patients inquiring online.
  • Every possible aspect of your online identity has to be actively managed, tracked, measured, and revised.

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Comprehensive Solutions with Visible Results

Dentist Identity understands how vital digital marketing is to the overall health of your practice.

It’s your livelihood. It’s your future.

With a wide range of solutions, we cover the entire spectrum of your online identity. From preliminary research, to tactical planning, to implementation and follow-up, we tailor marketing strategies specifically for your clientele and your demographic.

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