Cloud Hosting and Managed Services

Dental Website Hosting

Where you choose to host your website is important. Ideally, every service is managed in the background so that you don’t even realize all the work taking place on your behalf. Dentist Identity employs a variety of tactics to ensure that you and your viewers enjoy a seemless and safe browsing experience.

Domain Ownership

You want to keep full ownership of your domain name. Some companies who register your domain for free with hosting actually register it in their name. If you ever want to leave, they charge a king’s ransom to release it back to you. With Dentist Identity, you own your domain name 100%. If you currently have a website hosted with someone else, we will assist you in transferring it for free. And when you host with us, we automatically take care of yearly domain renewals.

Cloud Hosting

A minimalistic server configuration in the cloud is the backbone to our successful hosting solution. Every aspect of our WordPress platform is fine tuned to get the most performance, scalability, and security possible. Our engineers use a dedicated environment that allows us to employ various caching methods and heavy firewalls, and to integrate with resources such as CloudFlare.

Managed Security

Security management is often underappreciated if it works well. Without regular threats, out of sight is out of mind. But the security of your system is always on our mind. CloudFlare’s robust security measures prevent the majority of spam, hacks, malware, viruses, and unauthenticated access.

On top of that, Dentist Identity’s additional level of security protects you from the rest. Our engineers proactively install the latest security patches at both the website and server level to ensure that your site has a minimal attack surface. We monitor brute attacks, geolocate IPs from known hacking countries, and monitor comments so that spammers are blacklisted and can no longer reach your website.

All domains that Dentist Identity host have SSL certificates to secure your site from hackers, spies, and bots. Viewers can trust your site is secure and be confident to visit it. Plus, search engines now rank SSL-protected sites higher.

24-7 Monitoring

Dentist Identity supplies around the clock, real time, preventive server and application monitoring. This includes a quick reaction and event notification system for all issues–major or minor. And all of this is handled by our team, so you can focus on growing your practice.

Managed Backups

Included in your monthly cost are regular backups that are stored offsite on a server separate from where your website is located. Rest assured your data is safe with us.


With cloud hosting, Dentist Identity can quickly resize resources to meet our client’s constantly increasing demands. Our unique system is built on a dedicated environment that gives us control of reacting to your specific needs. This is quite different from a shared environment and is critical to maintaining uptime.

Loading Speed

Websites are expected to load faster and perform more complex functions every day. Even a minor delay in load time can result in drastic conversion loss. Dentist Identity ensures your site loads quickly and effortlessly, allowing you to capture your audience. To accomplish this, we use a combination of technologies:

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A CDN is a network that gets content to the end user faster and more efficiently. Most websites are hosted on one server in one specific location (potentially across an ocean), but with a CDN your website’s assets are copied to different servers all across the world. The closer a website visitor is to the server, the faster your content is delivered. Even if you don’t see a significant improvement in your site’s speed after enabling a CDN, many of your website visitors will notice a big improvement. Additionally, Google favors sites with a good load time.



Rather than the usual LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) stack, Dentist Identity chose LEMP, which uses Nginx instead of Apache for better performance. Nginx was designed first and foremost as a reverse proxy, so it serves static files almost instantly with minimal processor or memory usage. A large WordPress installation loads faster on Nginx than Apache.

Varnish Cache


Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. Varnish Cache is extremely fast. It typically speeds up delivery by a factor of 300-1000 times, depending on your architecture. Several independent testers have confirmed that their websites are faster with Varnish than when running Litespeed, even with Litespeed Cache enabled.