Online Reputation Management

-Allan Jenkins, 2009 

Dental Online Reputation Management

Take Control of you Reputation

Take Control of Your Reputation

The #1 goal of every digital marketing campaign is to drive traffic that generates leads. After all, what use is a website without visitors? While successful campaigns must encompass every possible aspect of your online identity, Reputation Management is far too often overlooked–at times to devastating effect.

What are potential patients seeing when searching you online?

What Are Potential Patients Seeing When Searching You Online?

Your online identity directly corresponds to your offline reality. Negativity has the ability to seriously affect your bottom line. Have you researched your name or practice only to cringe at what you saw? If you are currently sporting a healthy reputation, don’t you wish to protect, monitor, and ensure it stays that way?

A Treatment Plan for your Online Reputation

A Treatment Plan for Your Online Reputation (ORM)

An SEO campaign is not complete without ORM. Dentist Identity’s comprehensive suite of tools will:

  • Deemphasize negative publicity
  • Manage your online profiles
  • Gain positive reviews
  • Track negative mentions
  • Promote your as the authority in your field
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