Often times, the terms blog and website are used interchangeably. This misconception is often popular among dentists who are still warming up to the idea of opening their practice to the world of websites. But what really are the fundamental differences of a website and a blog?

The general idea of a website is that of an online store although not all websites sell products online. But the fact that lists of services and products are more often than not published on websites with the goal of informing a potential buyer about their existence is similar to any store displaying merchandise with the goal of enticing interested store goers to purchase them. On the other hand, a blog is more like an online magazine wherein individuals can expand on an idea and explain at length.

Presently, there is a lot of hype surrounding blogging. With online marketers endorsing them and average reasonable individuals talking about their awesome blogging success stories, it’s no wonder why individuals have become so mesmerized with the idea of blogging. For entrepreneurs such as dentists, here are concrete reasons to start blogging:

It is fun.

Sometimes, the things which are most effective at attracting consumers is something they find fun and far from promotional. Unlike in your dental website wherein everything is geared towards promoting your services, your blog can be less of that and more entertaining. You can be more personable with your writing and the topics of your posts can be focused on light reading, and with the psyche of most consumers these days, you want invest on forming relationships with them.

Yet you’re not sacrificing your credibility.

There’s a fine line between being a fun dentist and being a nut who no one would dare trust. But the entire point of having a laidback blog is so that you can have a more relational side in contrast to your serious, professional side. Continue to provide effective and quality service to your patients but also break the wall between patient and dentist with your blog, and you’re on your way to having a great professional relationship with your patients, one wherein you establish great rapport but still get the job done.

And your dental website gets to ride the SEO wave, too.

By nature, blogs have an easier way ranking in search engine results partly because it’s easier to optimize content when you’re writing a rather lengthy informative article as opposed to a very short and concise product or service description. With your blog attached to your dental website, the latter will be able to taste the fruit of the former’s SEO success.

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