CEREC is a high-tech, computerized machine used to design and manufacture ceramic tooth restorations in the dental office in just one visit. This term, which is a shortened form of the word ceramic includes creating ceramic models of teeth that require restorations. These models are created with the help of advanced machinery which allows teeth restorations to be completed in just one dental appointment. With the help of high-tech computers, the dentist runs software which is able to display three-dimensional models of the patient’s teeth. X-ray technology is also employed to come up with the present architecture of the patient’s teeth.

The primary advantage which patients can derive from CEREC dentistry is the swiftness of the procedure. The traditional procedures involving tooth restorations will require patients to visit the clinic a couple of times to have the work done in a step by step manner. But with CEREC dentistry, only one visit is all it takes for the dentist to get everything to know what needs to be done to restore your teeth back to its normal condition. This procedure is quickly becoming popular among busy professionals and everyone else who cannot afford more than an hour in the dentist chair.

This procedure is also perfect for those who are quite anxious about the dentist “tinkering” inside one’s mouth. The entire experience of a person using tools, some sharp, inside ones mouth can be very nerve wracking for anyone. People who fit share the same fears will enjoy CEREC dentistry. This is because the computerized nature of CEREC dentistry means that the dentist can prepare the crowns and veneers in just a mere matter of minutes. Best of all, these veneers and crowns fit perfectly with the existing architecture of the tooth so the dentist does not have to spend that much time with the entire restoration procedure.

When it comes to costs, CEREC dentistry can provide a more economical option to those who need tooth restorations. In a traditional setting, the patient will probably have to spend as much as $1,500. This can be very hefty especially if you factor in the fact that a lot of patients are trying to scale back. All this talk about a new procedure is bound to raise some doubts in any patient’s mind. Although CEREC is a newly introduced procedure, that does not mean that it is not effective. With 20 years of scrutiny and research prior to its launching, patients can trust CEREC dentistry completely.

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