Dental websites have become a must for dental practices in this time and age. Although the internet might have been around for decades or so, there are two recent factors that have emerged which has made dental websites a necessity rather than just a mere suggestion—the increasing availability of broadband access and the success of search engines. Slow dial up connections have deterred consumers from using the internet to find information about dental practices in their location they can pick up the directory and find a telephone number faster than waiting for a website to load. But there is something lacking with the directory approach and that is the insufficiency of information.

High-speed broadband has made individuals rely on the internet more than books. With the help of search engines like Google and Yahoo! retrieving information from the World Wide Web has become a lot easier. Now, individuals can simply enter in keywords and then these search engines will take on the task of searching websites related to the query. Localized search allows individuals to find a list of websites that are dedicated to dental practices near the searcher’s location. Everything seems to be pointing towards the internet with regards to latest dental marketing ideas.

There are a few elements which, if integrated in one’s dental website, will increase the website’s ability to convert visitors into patients. Those elements are discussed below:

Appearance: There are two things under appearance—layout and site navigation. The design of the website should look professional and put together since visitors will often relate credibility with the site’s aesthetics. To make it easier for the visitors to get from one page to another, the website should feature easy navigation.

About Us: Make your prospective patients feel at ease with the dentists and members of the staff creating an “About Us” page which will include the employees’ credentials, short biography and the dental practice’s philosophy.

Articles: People log in the internet because they need information. Posting newsworthy articles and helpful tips on your website will help your patients with whatever minor dental mishap they might be in. And when brushing or flossing does not seem to work anymore, the patients may feel more comfortable to schedule an appointment with you given the helpfulness of the content on your website.

Before-and-after Photos: Because “seeing is believing”, there might be patients who are skeptical about calling you up for fear that your dental practice might not be able to deliver. The best way to get rid of such skepticism is to post before-and-after photos of your patients. This way, patients can calibrate their expectations properly.

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