The problem that most dental practices face with regards to establishing an online presence is not that they lack a website. Rather, it’s that they underutilize their dental websites. If you go out and ask any dentist if he or she believes that patients were able to find his or her practice through the internet, you’ll be surprised to hear a significant number say no. They think that a website is some sort of a requirement which they need to comply with rather than a tool which they can use. Essentially, they’re passing out on a wonderful marketing tool just because they’re too vague on setting their website’s goals.

The thing that dentists need to understand is their “online presence” is only useful if their respective website fulfill their goals. And having a website which does not but float in cyberspace is extremely far from the idea of fulfilling a function. In order to revamp your website, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Here are a few goals that you might be willing to consider:

1. Boosting Credibility

Because people turn to the internet in order to get hold of information, you can pour in your years of expertise into your website to help boost your credibility. You can come up with helpful write-ups which will help your patients understand dental health better. As a dentist, you need to establish yourself as an authority in your field. This is because individuals are always looking for dentists who are skilled and credible.

2. Sell

This is another goal which you can bestow on your website. In this case, you’ll be selling your services. First of all, you need to specify your target market and then customize your website so that it becomes more relatable to them. You might need to install a widget of some sort which will allow visitors to schedule appointments through your website,.

3. Lead Generation

Another popular way to utilize your website, you can work towards collecting contact information from members of your target market. In exchange for phone numbers or email addresses, you can give out freebies like an e-book or a teeth whitening procedure. Specify that you’ll be sending promotional information in the form of an e-newsletter or direct mail in the opt-in page.

4. Online Pamphlet

Maybe the simplest of all goals, you can use your website as an online pamphlet. Prior to calling your clinic to schedule for an appointment, your patients can check out your websites for the latest services as well as the basic ones which you offer.

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