Yes, you are a dentist who is concerned about your patients’ oral health. But at the same time, you the main person in charge of your dental practice’s marketing campaign. A huge chunk of your business is taking care of your practice’s reputation. In the past, all you had to worry about was the one loud mouth who usually spreads unflattering things about your clinic. But with the advent of the internet, it’s so much easier for one unsatisfied patient to tell the entire community about his or her not-so-good experience in your clinic. Armed with your own dental website, you can always salvage your online reputation.

Step One: Get a Google Places listing.

Google Places is a heaven sent for small business especially since it allows listings of local businesses to show up on top of organic results. When an online surfer makes a search and incorporates a place modifier, listings of businesses appear together with a map signifying these businesses’ locations. Another reason for why you want to sign up for one is the fact that Google users can post reviews of businesses through Places. Once you have a listing, it’s going to be easier for you to monitor your Google reviews and make reparative measures just in case.

Step Two: Start asking for reviews.

By the power of dilution, negative reviews become less likely to pop up when you have dozens of positive reviews to counteract them. At the same time, the credibility of patient’s online rant becomes shaky when majority of your reviews are generally good. Your prospects will dismiss this handful of negative reviews as just isolated cases which do not accurately reflect your efficiency and effectiveness as a dentist. The art of asking for reviews is similar to the lost art of asking for referrals. Target the right patients (i.e. happy ones who very much satisfied with your work) and tell them how much you would just appreciate it if they could help you out by giving an online review. Never ever forget your manners and say “thank you”.

Step Three: Start linking.

If damage control is done in the offline sense through press releases, you can do the same with your website by linking to websites which showcase your practice in a positive light. This can be an online version of your local daily which ran a story about your practice, or a scholarly paper which you wrote which was published in an online journal. All of these sources buttress the idea that you are a reputable dental practice.

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