Having a dental website can be advantageous for a number of reasons. There is an extreme necessity to have one especially since almost the entire world has become reliant on the internet. Chances are that majority of your patients turn to the internet for everything from online shopping to connecting with family and friends from far off places.

While you might be convinced already that you need a dental website, knowing what to put in it might be your dilemma. There are a lot of things which you can do with your dental site from turning it to an online brochure to using it for gathering leads.


It’s not that people hate paper; it’s just that it has become so much more convenient to read about your practice’s services and products during their down time and via their personal computers. One distinct advantage about using your dental website as an online brochure is that you do not have to spend on paper and printing. Dissemination is as simple as giving out papers which bear your dental website’s address. Graphics-wise, you do not have to limit yourself anymore.

Online Appointments

This is one of the must-have features of every dental website. In this world of hectic schedules, it can be almost impossible for a patient to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with you. Ironically, they might be more receptive to opening their mobile phone, logging on to your dental website and then setting an appointment through it. If you’re scared that maybe this feature will only encourage no-shows because of the very impersonal way that people can set appointments, you can call your patients after they have scheduled an appointment online to ask them to confirm.

Leads Generator

In the past, we had newsletter marketing. But in a world with the internet, we have this thing called e-newsletters. However, you need to build a list of email addresses from prospects that may be willing to avail of any of your services if not at the present, then in the future. Studies show that consumers have become more open to searching for health-related content online regardless of the immediacy of which they need treatments or procedures. When you continue to send these individuals e-newsletters which contain information which can help them to make more informed choices in the future, chances are that they will make a purchase in the future. And this starts with gathering email addresses through your dental site.

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