There are three main issues that serve as the Rosetta stone to a successful deployment of a dental website. First, it needs to be ascertained, the exact connotation of what it means to be successfully deployed. This touches at the very heart of what a website’s function is. It is meant, at its very basic level to bridge the physical space and time between service and consumer. A person across town must be able to have questions answered by a simple visit to the site. But more than that, it must also be enough to make the person, cross the gap and make a decision to become a patient.

Attraction is the first secret to a successful website. One must be able to harness the X-factor and convert that to an electronic art form. It is necessary to remember that no matter how serious the message, there must be attraction. Attraction comes in many forms, and just because something is of a serious nature, does not preclude the element of attraction. In fact, the value of attraction is what beckons the return of a visitor. The inexplicable feeling to be at the site. That is the x-factor.

The next and equally important factor is the informative value of the site. It is necessary to give as much information as possible in a way that is not necessarily worth of a doctoral dissertation, and not as extreme to speak down, pejoratively, but to speak in plain, good English, the intent. However, wordsmithing must be an important element of the site as it is the poetry of words, it is a critical factor in delivering intellectual value in a way the masses can understand.

Instant Gratification
While it may be easy to blame modern culture to not be willing to wait for all good things. It is a fact of life that people do not have time. It is the most valuable commodity this side of space. So when a site comes along that is well articulated and pithy, they are grateful that the content is delivered efficiently and not in convoluted maxims that have the ability to bend the space-time continuum. We live in a world of instant gratification by necessity. If given a choice, off course we would love to indulge in Shakespearean poetry. The truth however is we are limited to 140 characters in a Twitter-world and so brevity is king.

In our world, not only are we hurling through space at the speed of light, we are going thought the daily grind, pretty much close to it as well. As such, to be successful, we need to place our site in the path of a fast mover and match his speed. Nothing unnecessary, nothing poetic, he can read Keats if it is poetry he was in search of.

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