One of the biggest mistakes of dentists is thinking that dental websites are simply just requisites which one has to satisfy in order for their practice to grow. To some, having a website directly means having online presence. But if you do not actively manipulate your website, then it’ll be like it never existed and your investment is for nothing.
It might seem now that having a website involves a great deal of work. This is partly true but the advantages of having a dental site far outweigh not having one. The only thing that dentists have to worry about is having a web strategy which is sustainable and effective at increasing website productivity.

Keep your website always updated.

What’s different between your website and your dental clinic is the fact that the latter has definite operating hours while the former is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Prospects can visit your website even during the wee hours of the morning. The only thing that limits your website’s capacity to help visitors is when it is not updated and if information is outdated like when the office phone number on your site no longer works or when you have broken links.

Make your website always accessible through various means.

Having already said that websites are available regardless of time, the question to ask now is how can prospects view your website? Of course, there’s the 20th century method of doing so – through personal computers and laptops. And then there are smartphones. With majority of teens to middle age individuals having a smartphone, having a mobile website could not be timelier. What’s great about having a mobile website is that visitors can view your dental website anytime and anywhere, even when having lunch.

Move towards patient education for more a pleasant treatment experience.

You want the effects of your website to trickle down to your patients and your relationships with them. Basically, when your patients are empowered through education, they understand the rationale between treatments much better and are generally more pleasant to deal with. Because it’s impractical for you to give lectures during appointments, your website is the best tool which you can use to educate your patients. And if your collection of informative posts continues to grow, you’re also building online credibility and authority which helps to increase incoming traffic to your website.

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