Mobile websites shook the entire concept of internet marketing. Now, it is possible for people to purchase goods and services even when they’re on the subway while on their way to work or waiting for their meal at the diner. Mobile marketing has existed for a number of years now but the increase of mobile websites is expected to spike this year. This is with almost 60 million Americans having a smart phone and the increased accessibility of tablets and similar mobile gadgets. So what exactly should we expect from the mobile web this 2011?

Faster Web Browsers

So that mobile phone holders can make the best out of the entire experience of viewing sites through their phones, it only follows that faster and stronger mobile web browsers be developed. In fact, mobile phones which have browsers supported by HTML5 are actually more advanced than desktop browsers. With mobile browsers expected to perform better, the development of advanced and sophisticated applications is not far off. Google is expected to launch graphics processing unit acceleration capabilities for its Android phones by fall of this year and Apple iOS devices are likely to follow suit. Mobile phone browsers with GPU acceleration capabilities can support better 3D graphics which is a requisite for supporting gaming and entertainment applications.

Native vs. Web Apps

Native applications, which are applications built for a specific platform, operate better and can support more complex features. For this reason, users are able to enjoy a more interactive experience with native applications. However, mobile web application frameworks have already been developed which can give web applications a native app look and feel. Mobile web applications are generally less tasking to develop and more readily deployed, and with the help of new generation mobile web application frameworks users will have a more mind-blowing experience with these web applications as well.

4G Network

By this year, major carriers are expected to offer 4G networks which will change drastically the mobile browsing experience. 4G connections will mean faster bandwidth and transmission speeds, even faster than that of residential broadband connections. This will mean not only shorter loading times but mobile websites can begin supporting videos, chat and conferencing capabilities.

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