Having a dental website is easy. In fact, with how technology has made it a synch to make websites, you can get your high school son to make a website for you. But the more pertinent question is: how effective is your website? Every website is different and I’m sure everyone can attest to that – there are websites which you want to linger and while your time away in and then there are websites which just look so tacky you have no qualms about clicking home.

So what makes and breaks a website?

Website Design

People are turned off by, well, ugly things. This means that if your website isn’t eye candy enough with pictures maybe scattered all over the place like it was a collage, then chances are that your visitors will be leaving as soon as they arrive. There are a lot of visually appeasing websites in the internet which means that the bar has been set totally high and yet you have to meet the standards. Because you’re a trained professional in treating people’s teeth, then it’s best if you leave the website design to someone who’s trained in the field. You can give your designer free reins on this but be particular about using your practice logo and practice name in your dental site.


Generally, navigating through your website should be as easy as possible. But when your target market includes those who aren’t that technologically savvy (i.e. older people), you might need to water things down as much as possible. Make sure that all your pages are categorized correctly and that the tabs clearly reflect what the subsumed pages are all about. Although it’s always nice to be creative, but when it comes to signposting links it’s better to be literal. You can also add a search box to make it easier for visitors to retrieve the information they need.

About and Contact Pages

Most of the time, these two important parts of a website are left out but they’re actually very important. The About page introduces to first time visitors exactly who you are – what your practice stands for and all the things you can offer to your patients which make you a cut above the rest. And when you have visitors convinced, your Contact page gives them all the information they need to give you a call and schedule an appointment. Now, if you don’t have these two pages, even if your visitors become interested with you and your practice, they won’t know who you really are and how to reach you. That isn’t such a great way to introduce yourself to prospective patients.

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