For a dental practice to thrive, it needs a steady influx of new patients. Sticking to the traditional means of luring new prospects may leave you disappointed. Chances are that majority of your patients have become more accustomed to using the internet to search for dentists within the community. Because of this, you’re really at a disadvantage if you still do not have a dental website.

And yet there are some who are very skeptical about what the internet can do for their practice. Having a website won’t just give you something extra to place in your brochures or calling cards. Just as long as you set your website properly and strategically, you’ll be converting prospects into patients without the need to even have you literally talk to them.

Lead Generation

Most dentists are aware about the idea of lead generation in the offline sense. Lead generation is the start of any marketing campaign which aims to ultimately increase the number of your patients. By having a dental website, you can gather email addresses from interested prospects and send them newsletters at set intervals which contain informative and marketing content.

The Bait

But you won’t be able to get everyone who visits your website to automatically give out their personal information especially because of the dreaded four letter word – SPAM. This is why you to give your visitors an incentive to opt in and give out their email address. This can come in the form of an e-book or even a simple service if you want. Make sure that the item you are offering is related to the services which you are promoting.

The E-Newsletter

Now that you’ve gathered a list of leads, it’s time to launch your e-newsletter. Although the entire idea of this campaign is to promote your practice, you need to remember that a very aggressive marketing strategy can make your prospects avoid you like the plague. But if you package your content in a manner wherein they seem informative, then you won’t just get their attention but also their confidence. You can include snippets about your practice within the articles but the idea is this – as long as you are helpful to them, they’ll eventually repay the favor by giving your clinic a call.

What’s so great about this?

The best thing about following the online method of lead generation is that you can increase your list with your website doing bulk of the work for you. You don’t have to personally talk to every prospect and ask them to sign up to your newsletter campaign. This gives you more time to actually take care of your patients’ teeth rather than worry about having more clients.

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