The mark of a successful brand is the ability to reinvent itself from time to time. While we usually associate this phrase to huge multinational companies like Coca-Cola or Nike, this marketing adage holds true even for small and medium scale businesses. A local dental practice can benefit from cashing in on the latest online gimmick the same way that a company can. All that is required is a leap of faith.

For the brave dentists, mobile dental websites is the next big thing. In fact, some internet marketers feel that those businesses that, at the present, have yet to take advantage of mobile website are already losing out compared to their rivals who have already gone to the mobile side of the cyberspace. But what makes mobile websites so great?

To answer that question, you only need to make a quick survey of how many people in your health staff have smart phones. Chances are that everyone has one and that includes you. While mobile phones of the past only concentrated on two major functions, namely calling and texting, their smarter counterparts now have the capability to browse the internet. And in the world where people are constantly on the move, this is a feature which has been welcomed with open arms.

If you’re skeptical, the figures will help you to believe in the immense power that these small gadgets hold. All over the world, there are 4 billion mobile phones being used with 1.08 billion of that being smart phones. According to experts, mobile internet usage is expected to overtake desktop internet use by the year 2014. Currently, one of every two local searches is done on mobile devices, and 2.7 hours are spent by every average American on socializing using their mobile phones.

What are the implications of all these? This means that this small trend will soon explode into a full-blown phenomenon. Rather than just waiting for your rivals to get on this wave and launch their own mobile dental websites, it’s time for innovative dentists to hitch a ride on this wave themselves. Currently, making your dental website mobile-friendly has become straightforward enough so that dentists need not fret about any expensive mishaps and jinxes along the way. All they have to do at the mean time is to imagine a time when your prospects will be booking appointments through their smart phones while having lunch or taking the bus to work, a time which will come in two to three years.

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