Dental Office PR Campaign There is no such thing as free lunch, is the famous adage that refers to the idea that no man can get something for nothing. Everything comes for a price and that includes successful public relations. However, the cost of PR is different from that of advertising, simply because you do not pay for advertising space. On the other hand, PR requires time, expertise and effort.

Most people think that PR is mysterious just because they do not know much about it. But it’s not as unfamiliar as it seems to be. In fact, PR is just an intelligent mix of old-fashioned research, wise trend-watching and effective people skills. In a nutshell, PR is really just great story telling. These concepts are what separate PR from advertising.

When you talk about advertising, your aim is to sell something. On the other hand, PR is all about storytelling. Sometimes, people become more receptive to PR simply because they do not like being sold to. There is this common perception of salesmen just being out to get their money and customers become extremely suspicious of anyone who openly sells products or services to them. On the other hand, we can’t get enough of stories. We love hearing stories and we even pass them on if we’re that convinced. This is what PR aims to achieve. Here are some basic principles of PR.


Before you begin to create success stories about your practice, you should first do your homework and do research. One thing which you must determine is how your patients want to be communicated to. For instance, do they do well with direct mail or e-newsletters? Do they prefer it more that you talk to them personally or by phone? These things might seem too simplistic but they matter a lot in the final analysis of things.

Come up with a compelling story.

What is the goal of your dental practice? Take a look at your mission statement. Be sure to not get lost in yourself when writing a story about your practice. Do be sure to make your story relatable to your patients. You can talk about the history of your practice’s dedication to great service. What propelled you and your staff’s diligence to take care of other people’s oral health? And what do you feel every time you help a patient?

Pitch your story.

Now that you have determined the intent of the message that you want to circulate, it’s time to determine the right avenue to deliver that message. It’s now the time to get this information published. You must send your commentary through the appropriate channels, such as ZocDoc, Angie’s list, Linked-in and City Search, these websites and many more will expose your content to potential patients. Get your story out there in the virtual world and let searchers know why you would be the best dental office for them.

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