brandingWhen it comes to service-oriented businesses, it’s either your customers like you or they do not. It’s very easy to be disappointed in a business which sells services rather than tangible goods. This is why dentists need to be particular when it comes to the kind of experience their patients have when they step into their practice.

In order for you to understand how important patient experience is, you need only to remember your own negative and positive experiences. Surely, there have a couple of times where you have said that you would never go to a shop or store ever again because of the service. And conversely, there are times wherein you were extremely wowed by a store’s service.

One person noted down that the best experience he had was when his car’s brake light burned out. For fear that he would be ripped off if he took his car to the shop, he instead took his car to a gasoline station instead. The station mechanic was not just able to change his brake light in a very short span of time but he charged just under $13 for the entire job. Experiences such as these are the ones that stay with us and are what we may use to gauge our future experiences.

When you are trying to build a brand for your dental practice, then you need to look at more than just your products and services. Your brand is a result of your customers’ experiences with your dental practice. Their total brand experience will determine whether your patients will overlook your practice for another one or if they will spread amazing reviews of your practice via word-of-mouth, Facebook, yelp or Google Places, for example.

In order for you to know exactly how to create excellent customer experiences, you need to first gain deeper insight into your patients’ needs and wants, beyond the obvious dental procedures. At the same time, you should be able to measure where your brand stands in relation to the things that your customers feel are important.

When you’re trying to build your practice’s brand, you can liken it to house-hunting. The practice which has the best branding is like a house which one is considering for purchase. That house will naturally have a solid foundation and made with high-quality materials, along with having all of the features that the buyer is looking for.

Now that you have a solidly-constructed house, you need buyers to be completely aware of its existence. This is where the need for external marketing steps in. When you are finally able to captivate buyers, they will have to decide if they want to live for a long time in that house. Just like any house has to be modified for their future occupants, you should modify you services and products so that you can show your patients a personalized kind of experience which they look forward to again and again.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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