Facebook is a phenomenal site that has gathered millions of users today. As such, using this platform to advertise your dental business is therefore very possible. To do this, you should make your own Facebook page and acquire fans and subscribers that are interested in your business or clinic. When you have acquired a huge fan base from Facebook users, your plans to implement marketing strategies can go more smoothly.
However, there are some premises to be followed in making a good Facebook page. People must be compelled to browse through your content if they were to interact with you regularly. Here are basic rules to follow when making a Facebook page.
• Make a fun page
Perhaps one way to attract people would be to make a fun page. The use of cover photos, which is customary to Facebook pages, can help you in this endeavor. Use a fun cover picture that follows the set guidelines from Facebook. Try to use smart descriptions of your business too, and state in a coherent and brief manner why people should be interested in liking your page. You can also do additional gimmicks like giving free check-ups to your first 100 likers.
• Do not post intimidating content
Naturally, you must never post intimidating pictures on your site. It is the mistake of many page owners to use grotesque mouth pictures or pictures of dental equipment on their site. People know that you are a dental professional, and seeing raw pictures of ugly mouth conditions is just too off-putting to your image.
• Enhance your brand
Combine all the elements that can be utilized from your Facebook page to mark a good dental brand. Whenever posting status updates, make sure to use proper language that is free of any grammatical or spelling errors. You can also post pictures of yourself since a lot of people would want to know a dentist’s face before getting into his clinic. Make sure to use a decent picture where you look professional and trustworthy. Stray off from putting candid pictures of yourself since these should only be used on your own Facebook account.
• Update your page regularly
Post updates every now and then as these are vital in marking freshness of your page’s content along with keeping everyone informed that you are still in business. Look for ways to attract people into revisiting your Facebook page as well. You may do fun games with discount prizes or advertise dental plans that you may offer to patients.

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