A website is a wonderful marketing tool which, if used correctly, can spell an overall increase in productivity. But this does not come easily and definitely not automatically. Most of the time, dentists, and just about everyone who doesn’t know enough about the internet, fall into the trap of thinking that having a website is a panacea which will instantly rejuvenate their practice and start sending troops of new patients to their clinics. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. However, just as long as your website is optimized, you can easily build practice awareness. The only thing you have to worry now is how you can get your visitors to take action.

1. Make sure that you include your complete contact information on your website.

The seriously interested visitors will take a glance at your website, click through the pages and then hunt for contact information like your office phone number, clinic address and operating hours. Sometimes, they might also hunt down for your email address as well. Having this kind of visitor is good because you don’t have to do any more selling because he or she is already sold on you. The only problem is when these visitors cannot find your contact information.

2. Give internet offers to make them visit your clinic.

Just because incoming traffic to your website is high doesn’t mean that you’ll instantly convert those visitors into paying patients. Yes, some of them will visit your clinic even without you doing anything, but there are also a number who you need to lure into visiting your clinic. You can do this by launching a special internet offer which can be anything from a free dental check up or a free teeth whitening session. Once you get a online visitor to step into your clinic, you’ll have an easier time converting him or her into a paying patient by talking to him or her personally.

3. Allow visitors to book appointments through your website.

Doing so takes away the interval between a prospect viewing your website and the time when he or she actually picks up the telephone to schedule an appointment. If you’re afraid that this feature will only encourage no-shows, a good safeguard mechanism is to call up those who have scheduled appointments online and get their confirmation. You can have your front desk staff to do this for you. The idea is that you’re making it easier for your prospects to book an appointment with you which earns you customer satisfaction points.

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