Money is always the main concern that patients have when it comes to agreeing to dental treatments. In light of the recession, people have begun tightening their belts and doing away with any unnecessary spending. This can have a negative effect on any dentist’s practice. For this reason, dentists have to be more flexible and considerate in light of the financial concerns that are looming over most of their patients.

It is necessary to address this big concern because a patient, no matter how much he wants to avail of comprehensive care, will walk out if he cannot afford it. A financial discussion should be part of any consultation. To make that discussion yield positive results, there are a few guidelines that must be followed.


Nobody wants to talk about money in a place where other people can eavesdrop. This is why if a dentist must, and he will, talk about money then the discussion should be made in a quiet and private area. A treatment coordinator, who is in charge of scheduling appointments and making the financial arrangements, can take over the discussion after the dentist has finished explaining the required procedures and treatments.


It would be best if the treatment coordinator is dressed in business attire in order for him or her to project a professional image for the patient giving him or her more credibility.


Because the treatment coordinator will have to be present while the dentist explains the prescribed treatments and procedures, it is necessary that the dentist introduce the treatment coordinator to the patient before the start of the consultation. The dentist should mention the tasks handled by the treatment coordinator and the reason for why he or she must be present throughout the consultation.

Nonverbal Communication

One of the many things that a treatment coordinator is good is reading body language. Gestures that project discomfort may mean that the patient has a concern regarding the treatment, and most commonly it is the money. The treatment coordinator should be able to spot this and address this in a polite manner.

Be Prepared

When a patient expresses interest on a certain treatment but asks for financing options, dentists have to be prepared for this moment and have all the relevant information in hand. Dentists can even go the extra mile and have patients preapproved by the time they walk in the clinic should they express this concern via the phone. More likely, the patient will appreciate this, and proceed with treatment especially since the entire process has been so convenient and easy.

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