It’s time to make concessions. No matter how great you are as a dentist and no matter how successful your practice was in the past, you’re in a disadvantage if you do not yet have dental website. The reality is that more and more individuals would rather look for dentists online. And the number of internet users is not expected to drop; the number will steadily rise until every single soul makes use of Google for almost everything. So it’s time to prepare for that inevitable event by bringing your dental practice online.

Although you can rely on your web designers to come up with the latest HTML tricks and other codes, when it comes to running your business, YOU have to take the front seat. This means being able to communicate to your patients and prospects through your website. Here are a few tools which will help you be heard online.

1. Your website should be more than just eye-candy. Inasmuch as you want your website to look good, you need for it to make sense as well. So pour in your years of experience into your dental website by coming up with helpful content which will send the message to your readers that you are not just an authority but also a caring dentist who is passionate with helping patients achieve good oral health.

2. One easy way to reach out to patients and prospects is via e-newsletters. By sending promotional material as well as supportive and helpful material, you can keep your patients up-to-date with the latest on dental care as well as with your practice. All you need is to ask your patients and prospects for their email addresses and you can start sending them e-newsletters on a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly basis.

3. Keep your content fresh. You do not want to make your visitors think that you have a very outdated website just because your articles were dated months or even years ago. Another great benefit of constantly updating your website is that you send that message to your visitors that your practice is still very much up and that you’re eager to take on new patients. Your enthusiasm to update your website with new content and graphics is directly proportional to your enthusiasm to keep your practice running.

4. Interact with your visitors by holding monthly contests, promotions and quizzes. When you break the fourth wall and start connecting with your visitors, you’re forming relationships with them and that can help a lot with regards to loyalty.

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