So you’re entertaining the idea of having a dental website. Before you make a nosedive into this endeavor, check your intentions. Because of how foreign the concept of having a website is to others, especially dentists, there are a lot of myths surrounding these online sites. For instance, some people think that having a website is just a requirement that they need to fulfill once and not mind ever again. Others think that having a website is an instant solution to all their marketing problems. In order for you to make full use of website, you need to calibrate your expectations to prevent any disappointments. This article will do just that.

Good Site vs. Bad Site

Just because you have a website does not mean that you can automatically reap the rewards of having online presence. There are good websites and bad websites, and it’s very easy to distinguish the two. A bad website is one which has poorly designed or even misplaced graphics, and confusing navigation. At the same time, the content in these sites are sketchy. On the other hand, a good website has a very streamlined and professional look. These websites are entertaining, and draws the visitors to linger and explore.


Case Presentations

Dentists can make full use of websites for case presentations to prospects and visitors. The great thing with having a website in order to convince prospects is that you can publish before-and-after photos and supplement these pictures with lengthy explanations (or concise ones, if you wish) of the procedures done. This can be extremely convenient for individuals who want to know exactly what the course of treatment will be.


Having a website allows you to be searched and subsequently found in the cyberspace. This is crucial given the fact that not everyone in your community knows that your practice exists regardless of the fact that you may have been practicing for a long time already. And in these time and age, people usually search for services through search engines like Google. By having a website, you may soon be one of the websites listed on the search engine results pages.

Available Round-the-Clock

This is the most important benefit that one can derive from having a website. When people search for services, they don’t always do so within the 8 am to 5 pm regular clinic hours. They often do these searches during their most convenient times like before hitting the sack or even during the wee hours of the morning. But the great thing with having a website is that it’s available 24/7 all year long.

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