One of the things that patients often associate with dental clinics is fear. Since dental chairs were invented, people have always dreaded going to see the dentist. This is because of the fact that the experience of having a tooth extraction is still intimidating and scary even with the help of anesthetics or sedatives. For people who have extreme phobias of going to the dentist, sometimes their fear is what is to blame for why they have not stepped foot inside a dentist’s office for years. For this reason, every dentist should come up of ways to reduce patient anxiety in the clinic.


One simple way to reduce anxiety among patients is to schedule their appointments early throughout the day. This is because studies have shown that people who have problems controlling their fears react positively to dental appointments that are scheduled early in the morning although the reason behind this general assumption has not yet been clearly explained.

Minimizing Waiting Time

Nothing could be more agonizing than waiting. Even if the procedure is not really that painful, because patients have waited for such a long time and have had more than enough time to imagine gruesome yet unrealistic scenes related to the procedure, then it is natural for these patients to be extra fidgety and anxious.

Oils and Meditation

Although this may not work for all, but using oils and making sure that the clinic is designed to exude peace and serenity, and be conducive for meditation can ward off anxiety among patients. The use of oils has been used throughout so many countries since time immemorial although scientific explanations are still lacking. But according to one study, women who were exposed to orange scents became more relaxed than those who were not. In the other hand, meditation has been proven to reduce sensations of pain. According to a latest study, meditation can reduce pain pleasantness to up to 57% and pain intensity to up to 40%.

Spa Dentistry

The newest trend among dental practices is spa dentistry. Although this might not help those who have extreme fears of being in a dentist chair, this kind of practice is geared towards making the entire experience of going to the dentist pleasurable instead of daunting. Spa dentistry merges traditional dental practice with a few dental procedures like massages. The pampering the one will get is enough to neutralize the pain or unpleasant feeling.

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