A requisite of establishing a successful practice is having a dental website. And you cannot afford to have just any website; you need one which is able to draw visitors in like magnet. This can be a very difficult thing to achieve especially for a dentist who is new to internet and the world of websites. For that reason, it’s always a good thing to follow a few tried-and-tested tips.

1. Come up with an effective marketing strategy.

Before you even attempt to create a website, your marketing strategy must be well-thought out and formulated already. Most of the time, dentists skip this and over eagerly go straight to making a website. But this can be disadvantages because then you won’t have a concrete strategy which you can build your website around.

2. Remove roadblocks.

One of the mortal sins that dentists can commit when designing their websites is asking their visitors for information before they can be allowed to access their site. These things are called obstacles essentially because they do just that. And there’s no easier way to turn visitors away than to put an obstacle on their way. There are other dental websites so what should stop your visitors from exiting your page and going to these websites instead?

There are some instances wherein you will have to ask for information from your visitors in exchange for am e-book or a free newsletter. If this is the case, do not ask for too much information. You can probably ask for the visitor’s name, email address and postal address but more than that could turn them away.

3. Post a privacy statement.

This is especially important if you are giving any freebies and asking for your visitor’s personal information in return. You need to assure your visitors that you are not going to share their information with anyone else. With individuals becoming more and more wary of the dangers lurking in the internet which can be as mild as spam and as severe as fraud, the lack of a privacy statement can send your visitors away from rather than to your site.

4. Install a tracking system.

Your dental website is an investment and you should expect a good ROI. How can you sufficiently measure your ROI if you do not know how many individuals visit your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? You should look for a tracking system which takes note of unique visitors and how many of them go to your different web pages so that you can know for sure which pages are effective and which ones aren’t drawing as many visitors.

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