Do you often wonder why there are websites which just catch your attention right away? And on the other side of the spectrum, there are websites which are just too forgettable. This unexplainable website x-factor is a result of having an incredible usable website. These websites are great because they all have the necessary design elements which work coherently.

Name and Logo

One reason for having websites is for brand exposure. When people stumble into your dental website, regardless of who they are and what they are in need of, they will definitely know something which is that your dental practice exists. And from that point on, if they hear anything about dental practices, they’ll be able to associate it with your name and your logo. This is the entire concept of branding and you can see this actively at work with big corporations like Coke and their red logo. Although you may never have a brand that can be at the same par Coke, but never underestimate a person’s ability to remember a name and a logo.

Search Box

This is extremely crucial for websites with more than a hundred pages. It’s normal for some websites to already have an archive of articles which people treat as a resource especially when they’re looking for answers. A lot of dental websites are going for this. In order to make it easier for your visitors to retrieve the article that they’re searching for, a search box is an excellent addition. Make sure to place it in a conspicuous location on your website so that visitors won’t have a hard time hunting it down.

Know how to use photos.

Your dental website is not the same thing as a scrapbook. If you’re thinking about placing pictures, which is a great idea especially if you’re presenting before and after photos to show the extent of what a procedure can do, make sure that you do not crowd the entire website. If you’re thinking of having a photo gallery of some sort, you can include thumbnails of pictures, organize them in a neat fashion, and then make each thumbnail expandable. Doing it this way is better than making the page’s loading time suffer with heavy pictures.

Headlines and Titles

They should reflect exactly what the article or page is all about. Misleading your visitors will only result in fury from their end and they’ll be more likely to walk out on your website.

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