The road to having a great dental website starts with creating the site. You cannot just take website design lightly since the way that your website is designed can determine whether visitors would want to linger or if they’d leave immediately after arriving. Design can also help in converting your visitors into paying patients. Because designing your website happens only once, unless you plan to revamp your website a dozen times in a year which costs a lot of money on your part, you need things to be done right at first try. Here are a few things which you should be particular about:

1. Content Readability

Since “content is king”, then it normally follows that your website content should be readable enough so that visitors can digest the information you are offering and act on any call-to-action you might be providing. While it sounds trivial, the font type and the font color you choose will appeal differently to separate groups of readers. For instance, kids might like something fun like Comic Sans Ms while older and more cerebral types may go for a font which is formal and prefer the standard font color. While font size 16 is the usual size that most web designers go for, you might want to make the font size variable for your older audience.

2. Navigation

When we navigate through a website, we usually do so using a series of clicks which take us from one page to another. While this is fun when you’re leisurely exploring websites, but when you need to retrieve information in a snap having to blindly jump from one page to another can be terribly frustrating. Good website navigation means that your visitors know exactly where they’re going when they click on a link.

3. Compatibility

While you might not have intended to have a mobile version of your dental website, it’s always good for you to invest on one now while your rivals are still oblivious to the fact that one half of local searches are done through mobile devices. A more cost-effective option as compared to having your own mobile dental website made is to make your current dental site to be mobile-friendly. This would mean changing a few items like making the width variable instead of fixed and simplifying your website, but as long as the content is still visible and readable, then you shouldn’t have any problem.

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