Social Media MarketingThe advent of social media sites like Facebook have totally changed rudimentary forms of social media. Today, around 845 million people are connected worldwide through Facebook and the avenues for social media campaigns are only getting better for dentists. People are also jumping on the bandwagon of using these social media sites to advertise products and services. However, Facebook is not the only social media site which you can use for an all-out marketing campaign. Here are some of the most famous sites which you can take advantage of today.


This video-streaming site has become one of the most powerful media sites of all time. People are acquainted with this site as they try to enjoy videos ranging from funny to dramatic. If you are a dentist, you may tap the possibility of making a viral video which can let people know about your services and business. The video doesn’t really have to be connected to your services, you just have to host it somehow and put out your logo or brand before or after the video. You can commission a really good singer to do a cover of the latest pop songs while you advertise your practice at the end of the video. It’s simple yet powerful.


This micro blogging site has garnered around 300 million users in the year 2011 and everybody is talking about the tweets of famous celebrities and personalities. Twitter has become very famous because of the caliber of famous people who are writing micro blogs every day. It is a good way to follow someone if you’re a fan. Now, you might ask how you can take advantage of this site if you want to advertise your dental business. It’s simple, you can use Twitter as a bridge to gain more exposure on your other online social media campaigns. For example, you can make an account with a catchy username and template, and try to post tweets through it that directs people to your website.

The Combo Trio

These are very simple steps which you can implement anytime. Make sure to use this combo trio – Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. This just might be your needed leap of entrepreneurship to rise above your major competitors. You can research for more specific topics like how to set up a Facebook landing page in Google. This is not something new today, that is why you should update your marketing campaigns.

photo credit: Pixabay Public Domain

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