Its time to take the issues related to SEO and those especially related to Dental offices to the next level. Dental SEO is a fairly complex subject in that the basis of all optimization efforts is rooted in precise geography and niche. Some products and services are less specific and it is possible for any inexperienced SEO consultant to come off looking fairly efficient. For dental sites however, that is not the case. The intricacies are many and the potential for mistakes, even greater.

If choosing a keyword strategy is crucial for most businesses, for dentists it is critical. The proper strategy will determine not only the placement of the site in rankings but also be organically picked up by other services as well. Dentists are subject to reputation and credibility issues and ranking well is one of the meters that aids in positive outcomes. Keyword choice for dental website can never be merely cursory. It must be comprehensive. Dental websites must target ranking efforts at no less than seven to eight keywords in addition to one or two long tail keywords. And this should also be ranked for websites as well as blogs.

Strategy Roadmap
The strategy starts with the promise that no less than eight to ten keywords will be used. From here it is then taken to tier one sites, where material, or content, is developed for each key word, then for a combination of keywords. And as a third step a combination of three keywords must be done in the first wave.

For example if there are ten key words, then the first tier consists of ten targets. The second tier consists of five target pairs and the third tier consists of three sets of the keywords. Here is what it looks like when complete. There will be a keyword targeting dentist, pediatric dentist and pediatric dentist manhattan. This is just an example and not the keywords one should target.

Once the keywords are aligned and the rational choices advanced, the webmaster should choose the doctor’s names. Every doctor that is a partner or works at the office should have their own blog and effort made to rank their blogs for a number of keywords but also for their names as the keywords.

The strategy for a fairly sized practice should be that when a person within target geographic region searches for any one of the keywords, the result should invariable point to them. Anyone who is doing multiple searches after a while will start to notice that the same name keeps popping up however they permute the keywords. In comparison to the efforts of a sophisticated buyer, the SEO efforts to stand at the head of the line for the dentist are negligible and should be undertaken

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