There are many proponents of Black hat methods in SEO ranking and there are many proponents of white hat methods. To distinguish, it must be understood that black hat methods are commonly thought to use underhanded techniques. For example, sending fake traffic to a site for the purpose of inflating the traffic audit, would be considered black hat. Improving content to get better rankings in the search engines, is white hat.

White Hat Techniques For Dentist SEO

There is a basic tenet among SEO consultants and that it is not wise nor acceptable to spam or scam the system. While the repercussion may not be instantly administered, in time the cost severely outways the benefit in terms of black hat operations. As such there are simple white hat rules that seek to better the internet experience as a whole.

The first thing to become a top ranked site is to become an authority in the area you seek to dominate. In white hat strategies, becoming an authority takes time and as such, there cannot be overnight success in the rankings. Search engines catalogue new links almost on daily basis and if overnight links increase by the hundreds above the norm, then the engines know someone is trying to game the system.

Black Hat Techniques

There are multiple services out there that choose to knowingly spew garbage and spam to increase the back link count. They have services where they take one article then write variations of the article in a process called spinning then distribute those spun articles en mass around the web with a back link pointing to the main site. It doesn’t work in the mid to long term because, after a while the engines realize that the content is duplicated and the duplicate content is removed. And when its removed, so is the link and pretty soon that number on rank that stood atop black hat strategy is suddenly regressing faster than its miraculous climb.

Becoming an authority on a subject takes multiple publications and it takes multiple followers to give credence to the publications and give it a following. Something only organic increases can accomplish. Take this stage of the process slowly and do not try to game the system. Search engines cannot be fooled and those who do, pay a heavy price for it.

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