Despite the fact that our world relies mostly on Google in order for us to find basic goods and services, there are still a lot of dentists who are reluctant to bring their practice into the internet. This may be a natural reaction to fearing something new. It does not help too that there are so many myths about websites which have continue to perpetuate. In order to be best convinced as to why one should have a dental website, it’s time for dentists to know exactly what a dental site can and cannot do.

Instant Cure

Having a website does not automatically mean that you can expect a continuous stream of new patients into you clinic. Although you can definitely get leads out of your website, it’s not some instant cure which will right away solve your problem of dwindling number of patients.

However, you can definitely use your website to come up with leads and launch your own email newsletter. Place an offer on your website like a free e-book or a free service to entice visitors to key in their email address. After gathering these email addresses, you can start sending e-newsletters whether you prefer it to be weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. As you continue to send your leads e-newsletters filled with useful content, you’ll eventually gain their trust and you’ll be the first thing on their minds when they need a teeth cleaning or an extraction.


Another popular misconception about websites is that you don’t have to worry much about the upkeep of your site. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your website is not a billboard which you can expect to draw customers to you without being updated every now and then.

One of the good things about having a website is the fact that you can interact with your prospects even without them being physically present. A blog-like website will allow readers to post their comments and suggestions, and you can answer queries as well. Dentists should take advantage of this feature especially since people have become extremely obsessed with getting what they want right now. So if they want information on a new teeth whitening procedure, they expect a reply from you right away or they’re moving to a more responsive dentist. With a website, talking to your prospects is close to having a real-time conversation with them especially if you make use of social media.

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