The main purpose of a dental website is to be able to reach out and visually touch a patient or a potential patient miles away. In websites, the potential customer may be located hundreds of miles away from the product, but in a dental scenario, it is most likely that the patient is not more than a few miles away. It is unlikely a person will create a relationship with a dentist across few counties. As such, dental issues should be something very precise and include community information.

Community Information
An idea to include within the main vain of dental websites is to include a page within the website that address community issues. This accomplishes two objectives. First, it creates an opportunity to be ranked in favorable light with the search engines. This helps tremendously when people of that particular company search for something in the area. Second, it creates a community bulletin board that the dental practice can control. Meaning, it will highlight all the community events in the area but also place banners back to the main home page. This creates a positive link between the practice and the community.

Dental Information
There should be significant dental information within the site to enhance search engine issues. When considering dental information, it is necessary to focus on the exact areas the dental practice covers. For instance if the practice specializes in dentures, then target information that those in the appropriate demographics by targeting information about dentures, tooth problems most prevalent at that age level and tooth care specializing at the demographic. This does two things. First it limits the research necessary to be comprehensive, by not seeking to cover all dental information from pediatric dentistry to dental prosthetics.

Email Capture
An important part of a dental website is a mechanism to capture visitors’ email addresses. This is usually accomplished by giving something in return for free. A good catch, is a free set of toothbrushes, or a coupon for a dental cleaning session. By giving this away, the site creates two things, first, it allows you to take control of the next rendezvous and second, it can be used to get the person to visit the practice.

These are the best ways to connect with the prospective patient. In dentistry the goal is to create a lasting relationship and by so doing each new patient is worth more than just the first visit but rather he is worth all the visits he makes from now to the end plus his referrals plus his goodwill. In other words, each new patient the website connects with, is invaluable.

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