effective seoKeywords and the efficient targeting of them are the crux of a successful campaign. Why? The reason behind this seemingly obvious statement is that a person who does not know the name of a particular dental service is going to key in what he or she thinks accurately describes his/her need. One person may search ‘dentist,’ while another may search for ‘toothache.’ Still another may type in ‘Atlanta Dentist’. To target a website for on and off page optimization for all these keywords will be unwise and unnecessarily expensive.

Keyword Basics

Any particular business, and this is the same for dentists, could ostensibly be characterized by any of an avalanche of keywords. It is not like the times when all dentists were placed in the local yellow pages under the heading of dentist. Today, a search engine would include so much more for so many other people looking for all kinds of dental related items.

Keywords need to be researched thoroughly. The term ‘dentist’ alone attracted more than sixteen million searches in a month. And that average is pretty accurate over the last few months. But it’s not certain what exactly the person keying in this keyword was looking for. They could have been looking for a dentist to fix their dentures, or they could have been in pain from an abscessed tooth. It may have been a high school student researching dental information.

Narrowing The Keyword

To narrow down the Keyword, the SEO professional needs to go thru an iterative process that starts as follows:

1. Start with a broad term that categorizes the industry the site in question occupies.
2. Next, look at the number of searches this keyword attracts and what the related keywords are.
3. Then search for keywords that do not seem to exorbitant in searches as the more searches there exists, it means the search is extremely broad
4. Finally, visit each page of the search results.

By looking at the results of the keyword the SEO professional gets an idea of which keywords the search engines have whittled through and determined what people are looking for. So you will get a better understanding of the keyword and results page relationship.

But, lets face it, doing this sort of research is not something that will be best served by a dentist busy with the schedule of his business. It can require significant experience to discover the best possible keywords and keyword phrases. That significance is then magnified by the sheer number of primary, secondary and tertiary keywords the site will organically give home to. And in the final analysis, backlinks that come in search of the quality information will serve as a benchmark to the algorithms used by the search engines that the site is indeed of value and authority.

Effective SEO demands selecting the right dental keywords.

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