There are a lot of hype surrounding websites. The general perception is this: you are years behind if you do not have a dental website and chances are huge that you’re losing patients to practices with an online presence. For this reason, it has become imperative for dental practices to have their own website. But even if a practice has its own website, that does not guarantee an increase in the number of patients or a rise in revenue. Why? This is because even if practices have their own websites, their websites’ functionality is hampered by things that they aren’t doing. There are so many dos and don’ts of designing a website. There are some things which we’re told about but are scared to follow. But then again, it pays to follow them.

Be heard.

Most dental websites are filled with nothing but written content. Although having an all-text website was a good idea in the past because of slow internet, the advent of broadband has allowed internet surfers to download websites a lot faster. Hence, dentists can start incorporating audio material into their dental websites. Having audio on your site can be extremely helpful especially since it’s generally a lot easier to listen rather than to read.

Be real.

We now have the ability to make each patient’s internet experience as life-like as possible. For instance, advanced graphics and animation can make it possible for a small you to pop up when browsing your website and you can deliver your message to internet viewers “yourself”. Using this technology can help convince prospects to sign up for your services because now they’re familiar with their would-be dentists even before they first stepped into the clinic.

Give your practice its own personality.

In order for your patients and prospects to become even more enamored with your practice, you can give your dental practice its own personality. You can brand your dental practice as the “fun” one or the one which puts premium on boosting its patients’ confidence. The idea is to breathe life into your practice by giving it a professional voice.

Be creative.

This might be a very simplistic advice but it’s something which most webmasters overlook. Remember, nobody ever became so bored that they decided to purchase something. It does not work that way. The only way for you to get your dental patients to react positively is to blow their socks off.

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