Dentists who aren’t that convinced about the power of websites have a rather logical argument on their hands. They doubt the willingness of individuals to turn to the internet and search about health related services. According to them, it might be understandable for consumers to look up products like dresses and shoes, but for something as sensitive as their health, would they really trust what the internet spits out? Isn’t it so much more reliable to ask your family and friends which dentist they go to instead of just depend on random online posts?

But according to a study by Pew Internet, 80 percent of adult online surfers, or roughly 93 million individuals, have used the internet to search for health information. 93 percent of the respondents use the internet to send emails while 83 percent research products and services before availing of them offline. This means that searching for health information is one of the most popular activities that online surfers do. Most of the time, those who scour the cyberspace of heath information are those who are seeking answers for a certain condition. This means that the effectiveness of dental websites should never be underestimated.

Other factors which dentists should take into consideration when planning their dental websites include the fact that most of those who search for online health information are women. Even in traditional avenues, it’s usually the women who are more eager to learn more about heath care and other related information so this morsel of information should not be very surprising. One way that you can take advantage of this fact is to come up with online deals which are targeted towards women. Find dental services which appeal particularly to females and try carving out special internet deals using these services. Since most of the visitors are women, then creating a deal specially made for them is extremely practical.

Dentists should also take into consideration the fact that thirty percent of individuals who make use of email services exchange health-related email with family members and friends. If converted into actual figures, an estimated 32 million Americans forward emails containing health information. This says a lot to the future of email marketing for dentists. This means that as long as your e-newsletters contain content which is helpful, timely and relevant, recipients won’t be reluctant to forward them which can lead to a rise in incoming visitor traffic to your dental website, and an overall increase in practice awareness.

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