Currently, there is a trend of dentists making use of the internet to market their dental practice. And you can really gauge the effectiveness of any marketing campaign based on how many professionals are making use of it. In this case, you’re quite sure that online marketing is an effective way to promote your practice. There are two reasons for why dentists market their practice online.

The first reason has to do with search engines. Because a lot of dentists have come to realize, whether by statistics or through their own experience, that search engines really serve as a link between consumers and businesses. When a consumer is looking for goods and services, the very first thing that he or she does is to make an online search. It was being projected that 85 percent of individuals find their way to various websites through search engines.

The second reason has to do with the nature of how referrals are made in this cyber-age. If you look back, patients used to simply give their friends your calling card and the wheels would start rolling with just that simple move. But now, most of your patients’ interactions with their friends are done through the World Wide Web in social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. These means of communication are so palatable to hectic professionals, some of which cannot afford to step away from their desks or their computers. So instead of handing over a calling card, they give out links to your dental website instead, that is if you have one.

So now that I have your attention, how can you start marketing your practice online, you ask?

Claim Your Google+ Places Listing. What’s so great about Google+ Places is that your clinic actually appears on a map whenever someone searches for dentists within your locality. Moreover, these Places listings are shown on top of the organic search results. This puts business establishments at an amazing advantage because you can now outrank organic search results just by having your own Google+ Places listing. Of course, you’d have to do a bit of competing for the top rank if there are a lot of dental listings within your locality.

Have Your Own Dental Website. Regardless of whether you’re using whatever social media website there is out there and have your own Places listing, you still need to have your own dental website to receive all of the traffic coming from those sources. And your dental website also serves as the most appropriate venue to post promotional articles as well as posts geared towards patie

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