If you’re still being acquainted with dental websites, then you’ve joined the game a little bit too late. But while your rivals may have discovered this invention called the internet already, mobile websites is something which they probably haven’t dipped their toes in. If all of this is a little bit too much for you to digest, let me simplify things up for you.

The Internet

A dental website is definitely an integral tool in any marketing campaign. In fact, it could be a game changer. If you’re thinking that your practice is doing fine without the help of the World Wide Web, just imagine how much better you’ll be doing once you’ve gotten dental website. You have hundreds of prospects online and they’re using the internet for almost everything – contacting their friends, shopping for clothes, finding information and even, giving referrals and finding dental practices.

The internet is like the Yellow Pages but so much better because you don’t have to keep on scrolling through pages and once you find a listing you like, you’re not just confined to a single number and address. You can click on a website and find everything there is to know about that business, or dental practice for this matter.

Mobile Websites

It seems like the internet is a really good place but you cannot just stay confined to traditional desktop websites. One thing that makes the internet the sensation that it is now is its ability to constantly change. Because of how dynamic it is, you can expect websites to invade other gadgets aside from the standard laptops and desktop computers. And this is where smart phones come in.

With majority of the population owning a smart phone with internet browsing capabilities (have you seen the long queues every time a new version of the iPhone is released?), individuals are not able to view websites wherever they are and whenever the mood strikes them. They can search for dentists within a five-mile radius from where they are when they’re out having lunch. And because the working population is composed of individuals who are always on the run, going mobile is the way to go.

Converting Your Dental Website

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “but couldn’t you view traditional websites on your smart phone?” The answer is yes but at the expense of having to squint your eyes for the entire 15 minutes that you’re trying to make out what the words with the tiny letters are saying. And the loading time is also greater because you have large pictures and even animation which may have loaded up pretty fast when viewed through laptops but takes forever when viewed through smart phones.

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