Once you decide to have a dental website, the most logical progression of things would be to hire a search engine optimization specialist. What use is having a dental website when it doesn’t have any visibility? The entire point of search engine optimization (SEO) is to ensure that your dental site shows up high in the rankings. But while it’s important for your dental site to show up on the top of the search engine results pages, it’s just as crucial for your site visitors to feel the need to linger in your dental site for more than a few seconds.

First page rankings versus high bounce rates.

Your dental site showing up on the first page of the results pages is not a good enough indicator that you’re actually converting visitors through your site although it’s a great step towards achieving that. On the other hand, your site’s bounce rate, the number of visitors who leave your website just moments after arriving in it, is conversely related to how interesting your dental site is to your visitors. When your site has high bounce rates, then it’s safe to say that your dental website isn’t doing a good job of keeping visitors on engaged with the content found on your site.

How high bounce rates will get you down.

In order for your website to convert visitors into patients, something which you should always aim for if you actually want to profit from your investment, you need to make sure that they spend significant time on your dental site. Enough time, that is, for them to skim through a number of articles, read a call-to-action or two, and then list down your contact information. But if they’re leaving your website as fast as they’re getting there, then your website has no chance at converting them into patients.

First impressions last.

The only way to lessen your dental site’s bounce rate is to make sure that the first impression your visitors get with your dental website is one which is impressive enough to get them to have a good look around your dental website. This often requires a combination of sleek design with thought provoking content. Give your visitors a bit of eye candy which will initially get them to stay longer and then once they’re tempted to click on the links you have, really sell your website (and your services) with well-written, newsworthy content.

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